Intel's upcoming flagship Rocket Lake CPU could be arriving on 15 March

Intel Rocket Lake cover EDITED.jpg

Earlier, the Geekbench test of the Intel Rocket Lake was leaked showing a record-breaking single-core result. With that said, it looks like that the upcoming CPU is something that other CPU makers like AMD should fear (hope so...). Now, it is rumoured that the next-gen Intel CPU will be arriving on 15 March.

The launch date was discovered from a Hong Kong-based tech site HKEPC. It also claims that the launch event will announce the Rocket Lake-S chips for the market. Before this, there was another rumour claiming that the Intel CPU will be launched in Q1 2021. Therefore, it could really be happening since both of the rumours don't have conflicts. 

Intel Rocket Lake 1.jpg

It is said that one of the models Core i9-11900K will be an 8-core flagship that comes with a top boost clock of 5.3GHz (with Thermal Velocity Boost), and a base clock of 3.5GHz (although the latter would be 200MHz slower than the 10900K). This is also the one that sets a record by scoring 1,905 in single-core, with 10,994 in multi-core in the benchmark test.

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