Internet price will be more affordable this September - Minister says


Last March, we found out that Internet prices would be more affordable. Four months have passed since then. Today, Malaysia’s Digital and Communication Minister, Fahmi Fadzil has repeated the same statement. The difference? The minister mentioned that it will happen this September.

According to the minister via Bernama, the price decrease is caused by the recent bulk sales last March. As a result, they are finalising access deals with multiple companies and telco providers. This phase should conclude by September 2023 and bring down the prices of Internet plans for the public.

The price decrease is a piece of welcomed news for Malaysians. In addition, it would help the government focus more on the digital economy and boost internet coverage across the country. Subsequently, this has driven some companies to provide a more affordable internet plan for the public. For example, we mentioned how Allo had introduced affordable internet plans for the B40 and OneXOX’s ONEFamily plan.

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