Is Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition the same as Galaxy M21 Prime Edition? 

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A few weeks ago, the Samsung Galaxy M21 Prime Edition (SM-M215G) appeared on the Samsung India website. Here, we spotted the same model number that appeared on the Google Play Console under the device named 'Galaxy M21 2021 Edition'.

According to sources, it only appears on the supported device list without any tech specs details. We think in the upcoming weeks there are more tech specs leaks about the Galaxy M21 2021 Edition. Besides that, the original Galaxy M21 was revealed a year ago which is similar to Galaxy M31 but at an affordable price. Click here to learn more about the Galaxy M31.

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The SM-M215G appear on the Google Play Consolegsmarena_002.jpgThe original Samsung Galaxy M21

Well, let us just sit back, relax, and wait for the official announcement. What tech specs do you wish the Galaxy M21 2021 edition to feature? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned for more tech news on

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