Is Unifi going to offer more than 10 times broadband speeds at no extra cost?

TM has officially announced a new Unifi plan which is priced lower than RM100 starting this month

Unifi has been hinting on their social media profiles on Twitter that the Unifi Turbo Plan will offer 10 times increase in broadband speeds at no additional cost to existing home and business customers. There was no specifics regarding the exact speed increase but that will be known soon during a briefing held by TM next week on the 12 July 2018, which should give us a better clue as what to expect from the Unifi Turbo Plan such as the price of the plan as well as the speeds that it offers.

I predict that the speeds could be around 60Mbps for the cheapest Unifi Turbo Plan, and maybe up to 150Mbps for the most expensive subcription. Stay tuned to for more updates on the matter.

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