Is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a note-worthy return? (yes, it is)


Is the Galaxy Note back? It surely does seem like it! For those who missed the Galaxy Unpacked live stream event, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is indeed a combination of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. It has a design that makes it stand out from the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+. Oh, it has an S-Pen as well.

But Samsung didn't just mash up the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note before calling it a day. In fact, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the company's most advanced Galaxy Note-styled device to date. Read on to find out what makes the Galaxy S22 Ultra so note-worthy!


The best S-Pen stylus yet

1-14 Galaxy S22 Ultra_Back1_Phantom White_design_HI.jpg

A first for the Galaxy S series!

With the introduction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, this is the first time that Samsung integrated the S-Pen into the Galaxy S series. Just like the Galaxy Note series, the S-Pen was built-in and can be pulled out conveniently from the bottom whenever you need to jot down a note.

Moreover, the new S-Pen is Samsung's best stylus so far. According to Samsung, this is the fastest S-Pen ever, with a latency three times lower than the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's S Pen. For your reference, the new S-Pen has a latency of 2.8ms. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's S-Pen is 9ms. That's a rather huge difference, especially when you consider that its predecessor was already quite good.

1-28 Galaxy S22 Ultra_S Pen writing_HI.jpg

Put it out and start drawing!

So, whenever you need to track your thoughts and sync your to-do list across devices, just use the S-Pen and do the magic. Furthermore, there is also an improved Samsung Notes app that works great with it, turning your written notes into texts easily. 


A Note-worthy design

As mentioned, the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks different from the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ because of its bold geometric design. Combining the DNA of the Galaxy Note smartphones, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was designed to be slim with light frames around.

1-05 Galaxy S22 Ultra_Back5_Burgundy_design_HI.jpg

Such a simple and clean design!

Not only does the Galaxy S22 Ultra look premium, but the design also looks sleek. And unlike most smartphones nowadays, it doesn't feature a huge camera bump. The quad rear cameras are carefully placed in a vertical formation, which looks great. Sure, the lens may be the bump. But it's accompanied by mirrored lens rings.

Last but not least, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has four colours for everyone to choose from. If you prefer classic black and white, then the Phantom Black and Phantom White are for you. Meanwhile, there is also the new Green and Burgundy colours, rare colours on devices like this.

1-18 Galaxy S22 Ultra_Group Image1_design_HI.jpg

(L-R) Phantom Black, Phantom White and Burgundy


Pre-order now!

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