Is this the future? U Mobile 5G network achieved speeds of 1.2Gbps in Langkawi

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Earlier today, U Mobile conducted a 5G demonstration in Langkawi where they showcased the capabilities of the new network as well as the various use cases that it could excel in. U Mobile CTO Woon Ooi Yuen has mentioned 5G could be a huge benefit in various industries ranging from healthcare, education, and more.

Not only that, but the 5G network could also allow those who live remotely to acquire necessities such as medical aid more easily. During the use case demonstration, U Mobile’s 5G network speeds were able to reach up to 1.2Gbps which is not only fast, but it is also able to stream several UHD video content simultaneously without lagging.

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Other than that, they’ve also showcased the MEDCOM as well as the DOCpod which is a remote general practitioner consultation pod powered by the 5G network, that allows doctors to diagnose a patient without being physically present. These are just some of the uses of the 5G network, there are still other use cases that could benefit from the network such as consuming virtual or augmented reality content, game streaming, and more.

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