It is now possible to pay all your Grab bills monthly with Grab's PayLater feature


Grab has announced PayLater payment option which is a new feature that lets you pay all your grab bills at once from rides, GrabFood deliveries and more at the start of next month. While this feature is only available to selected Grab users, Grab plans to open up to feature to more users depending on several eligibility factors such as GrabReward tier, account age, and how many rides you have taken.

In order to activate Grab’s PayLater feature, head into your Grab App on either your Android or iOS device then tap on the Payment tab at the bottom. Then, Tap on the “Try PayLater Now” option situated towards the middle and hit “Activate PayLater” towards the bottom of the screen. Grab will then assign you a PayLater amount, which is how much you can spend on that month via the PayLater payment option.


It is best to note that failure to resolve your payments even after the 30-day grace period, will result in an account suspension unless the bill has been cleared. Not only that, but grab will also charge you an RM10 administration fee as well. What do you think of Grab’s PayLater feature? Let us know on our Facebook page, and for more updates like this stay tuned to