J&T Express apologized over workers behavior and management (and here's how to claim damaged goods)


Just recently over the weekend, there was another controversy of logistics workers damaging items by throwing the packages. Seven of them were caught red-handed and belong to J&T Express in Perak, which assumed to have their salary deducted as punishment but it has been sorted out. In case you missed the drama, here's what happened.

On 4 February, the logistics workers were caught throwing the packages violently which led to public outrage. According to J&T's press release online, it was due to a misunderstanding of how their year-end bonus payment work. There was another viral post of J&T deducting their wages after that but was quickly reversed.

Posted by J&T Express - Malaysia on Sunday, 7 February 2021

In the end, the workers went back to work on the next day along with an apology video. From the video, the workers clarified that there was no action involving a strike and apologized. Not only did the workers apologized, but so did the company on another matter of other logistics workers for stealing food and drinks from packages. J&T admitted this is an error in the management for hiring temporary workers and provided simple training, as they needed to handle the high-volume of packages during MCO.

By the way, if you ever encounter damaged goods at your doorstep, you can claim from Shopee with up to RM100. All you have to do is take pictures or have a CCTV recording of how the item was delivered. It was also mentioned that Shopee will refund back to the buyer via ShopeePay Wallet.

Viral now courier company staff throwing things. So if you're selling on shopee, you're safe. As long you pack well,...

Posted by Gurvin Abruzzi on Sunday, 7 February 2021

That's all, folks. At least J&T came out being transparent about it. Stay tuned for more local trending news at TechNave.com.