JPJ warns against renting vehicles to foreigners without a license


The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will launch an operation to identify companies and individuals who rent vehicles to foreigners without a valid driver's license. This action was taken following the arrest of a foreign national who was driving a rented Honda City without a license during an integrated operation on the night of 19 May 2024.

JPJ's Enforcement Director, Kifli Ma Hasan insisted that car owners will be identified and prosecuted if they are found renting vehicles to foreigners without a license.The operation was carried out at the Jalan Duta toll plaza and involved various agencies including the police, the Immigration Department, the National Anti-Drug Agency and the Environment Department. Kifli emphasized the increasing number of road accidents involving foreigners causing public concern. He assured that JPJ will continue to conduct such operations to address this issue.

Director of JPJ Kuala Lumpur, Zaki Ismail reported that 2,512 vehicles were inspected during the operation. Among those examined were 21 foreigners from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal and India where seven of them including an Indonesian woman were detained for various offences. The operation issued 416 summonses and seized 11 vehicles, mostly for the offence of driving or riding a motorcycle without a valid license. Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport, Jana Santhiran Muniayan and Director General of JPJ, Rospiagos Taha were also present during the operation.


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