KKD: Malaysia’s 5G network coverage now at 73%, but adoption rate only at 10.8%

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The Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) has revealed that the 5G network coverage in Malaysia’s populated areas is at 73% as of end-October, just 7% short of the 80% target by the end of the year. However, only a 10.8% adoption rate of the network has been recorded nationwide. 

According to Bernama, KKD clarified that the adoption rate is based on the 3.6 million 5G service subscriptions recorded as of 31 October. The Ministry added that in order to boost the adoption rate, the government is working with telco companies for the affordable 5G Rahmah Package bundled with 5G devices for the lower income group and civil servants. 

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Accordingly, a total of 98979 units of 5G Rahmah Package subscriptions were recorded as of end-October. Furthermore, the government is set to double efforts to drive 5G adoption not only by the average consumer but also among various industries including education, agriculture, transportation, healthcare and others. 

As of 31 October, 6057 out of 7509 5G sites have been completed, with the rest expected to be erected by year-end. So, what are your thoughts on the 5G network in our country? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more trending tech news.