KKD will summon social media providers over inappropriate ads on their platforms

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The Ministry of Communications and Digital (KKD) revealed that it will summon several social media platform providers over inappropriate advertising content on their platforms. Its Minister, Fahmi Fadzil, said that discussions will be held aimed at getting clarifications concerning these ads. 

As reported by Bernama, Fahmi added that offensive ads, such as those with sexual content should not be displayed within Malaysia. He said this in reply to a question by Senator Hussin Ismail in the Dewan Negara who wanted to know the government’s efforts in restricting inappropriate ads on social media. 

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The KKD Minister also clarified that typically, ads presented to users are based on what the platform’s algorithm thinks they like to watch. For example, if someone enjoys automotive content, more car-related ads will pop up. 

However, Fahmi said that such algorithms can be problematic as they could result in a kind of tunnel syndrome or echo chamber. He didn’t mention when the social media platforms will be summoned for discussion though. 

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