Khairy to lodge police report for identity theft after someone used his IC number to register for PADU

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Former Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has revealed that he will be lodging a police report for identity theft after an initial failed attempt to register for the Central Database Hub (PADU). Taking to Instagram, Khairy said that someone had misused his IC number to register for the database. 

In an Instagram Story yesterday, the former Health Minister shared a screenshot of an error message he received while registering for PADU. The error message said that Khairy already has an existing account on the database and that he should log in to update his information or contact the PADU Hotline for assistance. 

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In the overlaid text of the Instagram Story, Khairy said that he finally got around to signing up for PADU yesterday but failed. He further rebutted the error message, saying that he had never registered for the database before. 

In a follow-up Instagram Story some 8 hours later, Khairy shared that he had successfully signed up for PADU after getting assistance from the database. PADU had seen his Instagram Story and helped reset the former Health Minister’s IC login and is now waiting for e-KYC verification. 

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He further revealed that someone had misused his IC number to register after the individual’s identity was doxxed online. Thankfully, the person who misused his IC number didn’t get past the e-KYC verification process. 

Khairy then said that he would be lodging a police report for the identity theft. Well, let’s hope that the issue will be resolved soon and no other individuals will face something similar to what the former Health Minister experienced. 

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