Kohai debut as the first Malaysian eSports Community Matchmaking Platform for mobile gamers


Today, a new Kohai app just made its debut as the first Malaysian platform for Malaysian eSports gamers and enthusiastic fans. So what does it exactly do? Strap your seatbelt on, we are gonna explain to you the fundamentals and how features. 

As aforementioned, Kohai aims to unite the Malaysian eSport community through the platform. Its name is inspired by the Japanese social relation system of senpai-kohai, translating to senior-junior. With this philosophy, Kohai practices it in the form of Gamers and Partners, which allows the latter to earn while playing while gamers interact with players of a higher skill level. 

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Moreover, Kohai utilises pay-to-learn and play-to-earn models respectively for Gamers and Partners. Gamers have the option of real-time whereby they can select a rank/tier they want to achieve and get paired with a Partner to begin training at a fixed rate of RM10 per hour. For scheduled gaming sessions, Gamers can choose to pre-schedule or train at a later date with the chosen Partner. 

Rates depend on several factors such as desired ranking, character requests, match length and others. To ensure a fair user practice, Partners are allocated a maximum of 72 hours to complete a Gamer's match or training request. A total of 80% of fees from every session will be paid to the Partner via direct bank transfer by Kohai. 


With this knowledge, there are two different Kohai apps - The Kohai Gamer app (available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store) is for Gamers, where players can request for a Partner to engage in either casual gaming or upskilling in just three to five simple steps. The Kohai Partner app (available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store) is dedicated to Partners, where players can register, get certified, and start earning by gaming or training with Gamers. 

Currently, Kohai is in a partnership with Geek Fam, a professional eSports progaming team. Kohai has also organised its very own eSports tournament, the Kohai Championships, for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This tournament, which started on 4 September 2021 and will continue until 26 September 2021, features 64 teams competing for a total prize pool of RM11,000.00. Although registration has closed, more information can be found on Kohai’s social media channels listed below:


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