LG Lifeband Touch smartband and Heart Rate Earphones have arrived

LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones[20140513144509073].jpg

Announced earlier in CES 2014, the LG Lifeband Touch smartband and Heart Rate Earphones have just been released by LG Electronics. The LG Lifeband Touch is a touchscreen smartband that looks like a bracelet but offers motion sensing and a responsive OLED touchscreen. The Lifeband Touch is compatible with Android and iOS devices and powered by a 90 mAh battery for five days worth of usage. The bracelet can be swapped out for three different sizes, so you don't have to worry about it dangling if your wrist is a bit small. The Heart Rate Earphones on the other hand provide accurate health tracking by measuring the blood flow signals in your ear. A clip-on Bluetooth medallion relays these statistics to the Lifeband Touch. While there isn't any specific Malaysia release date or pricing we expect both devices to be available in Asia and subsequently in Malaysia in the coming weeks. Check out the LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones tech specs below:

  • LG Lifeband Touch
  • 0.9-inch display (OLED, 128 x 32 pixel resolution)
  • 90mAh battery
  • supports Bluetooth 4.0
  • 196mm (XL) / 181mm (L) / 166mm (M)
  • 53.1g(XL) / 50.1g(L) / 49.9g(M)

LG Lifeband Touch[20140513144509079].jpg

  • Heart Rate Earphones
  • 200mAh battery
  • supports Bluetooth 3.0
  • 46 x 33 x 17mm | 26.7g (Earphones) / 18g (Medallion)
  • features Hands Free Call, Voice Guide

LG Heart Rate Earphones[20140513144509066].jpg