LG announces their flexible displays, curved concave smartphone coming November 2013

LG G Flex.jpg

LG has recently announced the world's first flexible 6-inch OLED display which they say is headed for commercial smartphones. Tech specs and features show that the panels consist of plastic, can be bent from tip to tip without breaking and is concave from top to bottom with a 700mm radius. According to researchers while you can bend the plastic panels, the main advantage of a flexible display is that it is much thinner than current smartphone screen panels. The LG flexible display panel will be just 0.44mm thin which is both very light at 7.2g for the 6-inch panel and very durable. So far, the curved smartphone from LG using these flexible displays is set to be called the LG G Flex with a Malaysia release time expected from November 2013. No news on whether or not the panels are easy or expensive to make so we don't have any pricing details either, but we should find out more when the LG G Flex arrives next month. 


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