LG confirms LG G2 mini and probably coming at MWC 2014

LG G2 Mini.jpg

Well, it turns out the earlier rumours we reported on are true as LG themselves have confirmed that they are working on an LG G2 mini smartphone. This comes from a teaser image of the smaller version next to the LG G2 on LG's own Facebook page. The teaser doesn't confirm any Malaysia release dates but we expect it to come at the MWC Expo 2014 at the end of this month. So far, tech specs and features have yet to be confirmed but rumours indicate that the LG G2 mini could have a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM and a 4.7-inch screen. This would make it just a smaller version of the LG G2, and something we'd definitely look forward to more than the standard cut-down mini most other smartphone makers tend to come out with. No news on pricing, but we're hoping it doesn't go too high.


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