LG shows off LG G2 QuickWindow case

LG G2 QuickWindow case.jpg

Looking to garner more hype for their upcoming LG G2 smartphone, LG are releasing promo videos for the accessories that may come along with the smartphone. So far, we have to say it's working because the LG G2 QuickWindow case looks awesome. Like similar casings that have an opening to the screen yet offers all the information you need, the QuickWindow casing lets you take or ignore calls, check messages, control music or set your alarm clock, practically everything you usually do with your smartphone, all through the flip case cover. The flip case will be available in black, blue, mint, pink, purple, yellow and white. While the promo video is in Korean, it's quite easy to understand so check out the LG G2 QuickWindow case in the video below:

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