LHDN warns Malaysians to check tax arrears and restriction status before travelling abroad

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The Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) has issued a reminder to taxpayers in the country to check their tax arrears and travel restriction status before planning any trips abroad. Furthermore, the LHDN also revealed the number of individuals in the country barred from travelling abroad due to tax-related issues. 

In a statement, LHDN advised taxpayers to check their tax arrears status via the MyTax portal here. Moreover, they can also check their travel restriction status via the immigration portal here. 

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LHDN added that should taxpayers have tax arrears records and are subject to travel restrictions, they are requested to make a payment. They can also contact the LHDN office handling their tax files for instalment payment negotiations to enable them to continue travelling overseas. 

LHDN also revealed that as of 31 December 2023, there were 12846 cases of travel restrictions involving company directors. As for individuals, the number of cases is 179719.

The travel restriction measure under Sections 104 and 75A of the Income Tax Act 1967 and Section 22 of the Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976 is among the actions taken by LHDN against any individuals who fail to settle their tax arrears. It is imposed after other actions, such as issuing payment demand letters and sending tax arrears notification emails, have been taken.

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