Leaked Xiaomi Mi 6X images surfaced online, coming big with 18:9 aspect ratio


Here's some rumoured news about Xiaomi, apparently the company is developing a new model called the Mi 6X, thanks to the leaked photo sample showing the back casing and a rendered concept. Of course, we should take this with a grain of salt and just see what are they saying about it.

Since we only have the back casing look, it seems that the Mi 6X is going for the dual camera setup (not surprising) and the position is placed similarly to the iPhone X. However, it does have some inconsistency between the two images, as you can see the rendered concept has a fingerprint scanner, while the other is just a dot. Whatever the case is, it could be just a prototype so there's that.


Judging by the cut out of the casing, everything seems to be in order such as the power and volume buttons, the USB Type-C port at the bottom, along with the headphone jack and speaker grill. The cut out at the top seems to be for the IR blaster for the Mi Home feature. Also, don't be surprised that the Mi 6X is going for the 18:9 screen-to-body ratio at the front, display size could be either 5.7-inch and 5.9-inch in FHD+ resolution.

Just like its predecessor, The Mi 6X could be released in the middle of the year. Until then, stay tuned for more Xiaomi news at TechNave.com.