Lenovo shows off new Rollable Tech for phones & laptop PCs at its Tech World 22 event


Recently, Lenovo held its annual global innovation event, Tech World and unveiled new concepts, solutions, and emerging innovations for real-world applications and the Metaverse. Among all the technologies, the most interesting one is none other than the rollable tech for smartphones and laptop PCs

Together with Motorola, both companies are researching and developing rollable proof of concepts to usher in a new potential era to improve hybrid work and life. Designed to elevate multi-tasking, browsing, and mobile use cases, the new rollable proof of concept is compact, yet doesn’t sacrifice screen size.

On paper, this allows users to enable content on the screen to be dynamically adjusted to the device as the expandable screen rolls inward into the base of the laptop, and smartphone. In a video with Luca Rossi, the Executive Vice President and President, of Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo, he also showed what an expandable rollable smartphone looks like which is really cool. 

Besides that, there are other showcases that Lenovo unveiled at the event. Below is a list of the technologies:

  • Lenovo Freestyle app - pair and transform a tablet into a portable secondary screen to extend desktop space or a wireless touchscreen
  • Motorola edge smartphones with Ready For Platform - a mobile desktop experience for console-like gaming, content streaming and video chats
  • Remote Work Enablement solution - allows remote workers to set up work quickly
  • Cyber Spaces - an interactive, physical holographic solution for telepresence communication and teamwork
  • Virtual Personas or Digital Humans - to address challenges posed by traditional video conferencing, including bandwidth, quality, and privacy
  • Production Decision Engine - address digitalization issues and "what if" scenarios with Supplier 360 
  • Smart Services solution - forecasts repair needs and optimizes the network of parts, service engineers and logistics support
  • Virtual Classroom solution for virtual teachers
  • Remote video collaboration solution connects frontline workers with remote experts to perform repair jobs through real-time marks


Lenovo also shared its vision for net-zero emissions, and its first step toward that vision with near-term 2030 emissions reduction goals. Lenovo is aligning its emissions reduction goals to the Science Based Targets initiative in both the near and long term to contribute to the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

There are still a ton of technologies and futuristic topics that Lenovo did, so do visit Lenovo’s Tech World 2022 homepage for more information. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.