Local students developed an app called "Sambal SOS" to assist the "Bendera Putih" movement

Sambal SOS cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of Free Malaysia Today

As the COVID-19 virus is still actively roaming in Malaysia, our government continues to impose different types of MCO across the states. Not long ago, a good initiative called "Bendera Putih" was started by the people to help those who are struggling during the pandemic. All they need to do is to hang a white flag in front of their houses to call out for aid. Now, a group of students have joined forces in developing an app that lets users track the locations of homes with a white flag, plus the food banks.

The app, named "Sambal SOS", was created by web developers Siddharth Nagappan, Shaun Mak, Cornelius Pang, and Sin Yin to connect the people in the movement. They utilize GPS to let the users who are willing to donate spot the locations of the houses that need help and let the ones who need help spot the locations of food banks. With the idea, it will remove the barriers between people to either offer assistance or get necessities. 

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To access the app, all you need to have is a web browser, preferably Google Chrome, and a Google account for authentication purposes. Once inside, it will show a virtual map of Malaysia powered by Google pinned with white flags and food bank icons. Clicking on the icons will guide you to the location by either copying the address or directly move to Google Maps. If you passed by any houses with a white flag or a food bank, you may also upload a picture onto the app for others to identify. 

The locations for the markers are currently condensed in the Klang Valley area but it's believed to spread to more regions in the near future. It is mentioned that new features are likely to be added to the app as well to assist the movement. For those who are interested, you may click here to access the app. Let us know what you think about the news on our Facebook page. Stay tuned to TechNave.com for more local tech news.