Looking for some last-minute GE15 information? Here's how to check it online


State elections for GE15 are just around the corner, with those in Selangor set for this weekend on 12 August 2023. If you're looking for some last-minute information about where to vote and who to vote for online, then read on below.


How to check where to vote and who to vote for

If you didn't know already, you don't have to register to vote. If you're qualified, your details should appear when you search for them at the MySPR Semak website under Semakan Daftar Pemilih. Just key in your IC (or other relevant ID) and captcha, then click on 'Semak' to proceed. It should show your basic records and where you'll need to go to vote.


A simple website to check your voter's info



If you want to (for whatever reason), you can even check past GE records

At the MySPR Semak site you can check for election candidates for your particular area. You can also check the voting results, but we can't confirm if the site updates it periodically or after everything has been finalised.

There's also a MySPR Semak mobile app for Android and iOS. However, it doesn't seem to work as well, so if it doesn't work you can always use the website.


While the state elections have no effect on which party the current government is, it does make things smoother for law makers and therefore easier for Malaysia's government to carry out laws. So to all of you who can vote, remember to exercise your rights as Malaysians. 

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