Looks like you know which Apple iPhone to choose as iPhone 8 beats out iPhone X in GeekBench 4

Apple iPhone 8 beats iphone X 2.jpg

If you were one of the few to say that the Apple iPhone X is your future then perhaps you'd like to take back your words as Cult of Mac reports the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus beat out the iPhone X in GeekBench 4. Logically, it is something we fully expected considering that all of these new iPhones are running the A11 Bionic chip and the iPhone X bezel-free display and Face ID no doubt saps a good deal of processing power. The full single core and multi core scores are below:

Apple iPhone Single Core GeekBench 4 Multi Core GeekBench 4
iPhone 8 4195 10005
iPhone 8 Plus 4128 9829
iPhone X 4028 9287

Apple iPhone 8 beats iPhone X.jpg

For a more detailed tech spec comparison check out our comparison tool at TechNave.com so you can see what other differences the 3 new Apple iPhones might have. Our recent analysis also might reveal just how much you'll have to save up to get the latest Apple iPhone of your choice as well, so stay tuned to TechNave.com for all the latest tech news, analysis and reviews.