MITI confirms that Jatronics is not a semiconductor manufacturer


Previously, we mentioned how the US banned a Malaysian semiconductor company. Now, MITI confirms that Jatronics Sdn Bhd is not a semiconductor manufacturer. That said, what should you know about it?

The Investment, Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) says Jatronics Sdn Bhd is not a registered company under the Strategic Trade Act 2010. Interestingly, the company has not applied for an export permit either. Instead, the company is involved in the wholesale trading of semiconductor products and fabrication services. This is what MITI says about it:

“Based on records, Jatronics is not a registered company under STA 2010 and has not applied for export permits,”

Additionally, MITI says Malaysia enforces strategic trade management through the Strategic Trade Act (STA) 2010. That means the country actively regulates the export, transit, transhipment, and brokering of strategic items, particularly those with potential military applications. Plus, Malaysia follows the multilateral sanctions and the “restricted or prohibited end-user list” under the United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR).

Moreover, Jatronics Sdn Bhd is a company that a trading company that sells semiconductor-related hardware. Therefore, the company was merely part of broader sanctions imposed on various companies from multiple companies. MITI also advised companies to stay informed about the sanctions imposed by other countries, especially the US. They should also monitor trade situations more carefully.

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