MIUI Go to launch as a lightweight OS for entry-level devices

MIUI Go cover EDITED.png

Photo courtesy of Dignited

Years ago, Google had offered a lite version of its smartphone operating system (OS) for entry-level phone users. The Android Go is a lightweight OS that works well on devices with a small amount of RAM and an inefficient amount of memory. Now, Xiaomi is said to be preparing for its version of a lightweight OS, and it's called MIUI Go.

According to the source, MIUI Go will target budget models by offering similar things we get from Android Go. The OS should also come pre-installed with a suite of lightweight apps from Google, including YouTube Go, Gmail Go, and Google Maps Go. It's basically taking out the heavy things from the standard Android and offering a simpler design for users.

Furthermore, the OS is said to make its debut with the upcoming POCO C40, which will also be the company's first device with a JLQ branded chip. It's still unsure how this combination will work on the device, and we can't wait to find out the performance.

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