Malaysia has built an electric car that can be fueled by used cooking oil

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Back in January, System Consultancy Service (SCS) started a self-funded project “EV myKar” to build an electric car that can be fueled by solar energy, palm oil, and even used cooking oil *shocked*. The electric car was recently shown to the public at Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair 2019 at Mines Exhibition Centre last weekend.

According to SCS, the project is said to address the negative press and worldwide bans on palm oil plantations in Malaysia. Other than solving that, Malaysians will also get to experience the car that fully runs on electricity. The concept of building this car is quite bold and different, but at the same time being environmentally sustainable. 

The car will also come to the rescue for rural communities as it is said to be able to provide electricity for up to three small kampung houses. Therefore, residents of rural areas do not have to worry about electricity shortage during emergencies such as parts of the power supply being cut off when natural disasters happen, according to SCS.

Furthermore, SCS also suggested that solar panels on the roof of the car can provide power to a solid-state air conditioning system that is always on, even when the car is not turned on. To simplify it, that means you’ll get “air con” straightaway once you get in the car during a hot and sunny day. The air conditioning system is also said to work best under extremely hot weather.

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