Malaysia is preparing to transition from IPv4 to IPv6


Recently, it was announced by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) that Malaysia will migrate to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). It was announced by Derek John Fernandez, an MCMC member who was at the ‘Asia Pacific Workshop: Certified IPv6 Migration Strategy for Regulators and Governing Authorities’ programme.

According to Derek, he said the transition process from IPv4 to IPv6 will provide each internet user with a unique IP address. He also mentioned that the Malaysian government is trying to get the National Internet Registry registration number for Malaysia so that the addresses can be placed under the government's jurisdiction.

Currently, Malaysia has no authority over IP addresses and the registration process may take between three to five years. The reason to transition to IPv6 is to improve cyber security and the country’s legal sovereignty, said Derek. It's also noted that Malaysia is the third country in the world to migrate to IPv6.

Besides Derek, there were many other representatives of telecommunications organisations from several countries at the two-day workshop. The workshop discusses the advantages of IPv6 which can handle 340 trillion IP addresses and businesses in terms of security and usability. This can also reduce online scams that are prevalent in Malaysia.