Malaysia’s MADANI Belanjawan 2023 tech highlights : RM200 eWallet credit for 2 million youths, SME digitalization and more


Malaysia’s current government has announced the Belanjawan 2023 based on the concept of “Karamah Insaniah” and MADANI core values. This time around, nothing too specific was mentioned about tech except that RM400 million in e-Tunai Belia Rahmah credit would be disbursed, they’d focus on SME digitalization and 5G as a growth enabler.

Formerly called ePemula, the eTunai Belia Rahmah will cater to 2 million youths. Eligible youths will be aged between 18 to 20 years old and receive RM200 through specific eWallet providers. Details about which eWallet provider and how to redeem the RM200 will be revealed later when it gets disbursed.


RM100 Million will be allocated to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Grant Scheme to support business automation and digitalisation. To be specific, grants of up to RM5000 will be given to SMEs for POS, accounting and inventory management systems. 

The previous Budget 2023 was tabled but didn’t get approved due to Parliament being dissolved. We’re particularly interested in “5G as a growth enabler” because before 5G got implemented in Malaysia, there were all sorts of potential use cases like 5G-enabled fishing and farming but we’ve not seen any progress in that aspect at all. 

In related news, RM2 billion in funding will be provided for sustainable technology startups and to help SMEs implement low-carbon practices. Have you switched to 5G yet? How do you think 5G can be used to enable growth? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned to