Malaysian Samsung and Huawei smartphones have faster download speeds than Apple! Who's first?


Opensignal recently revealed another report about the global smartphone mobile network experience and it revealed that for Malaysia, Samsung and Huawei smartphone users tend to get higher download speeds than Apple smartphone users. While Samsung smartphone users got the top spot of an average 16Mbps, Huawei smartphone users were just almost there at 15Mbps. Apple smartphone users were quite close still at 13Mbps.

Globally (across 40 countries) Samsung smartphone users in general experienced faster download speeds of 26.6 Mbps than Apple (25.1 Mbps) and Huawei (24.4 Mbps). Considering that Apple only offers premium priced models while Samsung and Huawei offer models ranging from cheap to premium, these results are very impressive for Samsung and Huawei.


Surprisingly enough, in the US, Samsung smartphone users download speeds beat out Apple smartphone users. Huawei didn’t do as well in the US but this is to be expected due to Huawei’s limited market in the US.

The report also found that the more expensive the smartphone, the better and faster the LTE network speeds, so there are at least some advantages to getting a more premium smartphone. However, for the midrange, Apple smartphone users got slightly faster speeds than midrange Huawei smartphone users while for the lower tier, Huawei smartphone users experienced the fastest speeds. Check out Opensignal for the full report and stay tuned to