Malaysians' 5G mobile experience has improved but still a long way to go, says Opensignal


Today, Opensignal is back with another new report on the Impact of 5G on the Malaysian Mobile Experience. In this report, it's said that the Malaysian mobile experience has improved significantly since November 2022. This includes Availability, Download Speed, Upload Speed and Games Experience scores increasing both for 5G and overall.

As the topic name suggests, the main highlight is all about the 5G experience. Obviously, it shouldn't come as a surprise that 5G users have a better download and upload speed experience, as well as mobile gaming experience as seen in the chart below. Moreover, the download and upload speeds are tremendous with up to 15.2 and 5.7 times faster respectively.


However, when it comes to comparing 5G and 4G's average speeds, Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan and Putrajaya didn't see a significant change. On top of that, users spend more time on 4G instead of 5G in Putrajaya, as well as slight improvements for KL, East Malaysia and Melaka. Despite that, the 5G Availability across Malaysia has fairly improved, particularly in Pahang, Kedah and Terengganu (2-3 times more).

According to Opensignal, 5G is still in its infancy in Malaysia as 5G Availability has risen by 3.3%, from 17.7% to 21% only. Maxis only joined the party last month and now every Malaysian has the choice to sign up for a 5G plan in every telco. It will take more time to observe the experience and usage so we will have to wait and see from Opensignal's future report.