Malaysians bought 4.5x more tech products than before in preparation for MCO 2.0 and more


These are tough times and currently with the second MCO, several businesses would be experiencing another hardship in the economy. However, that didn't stop Malaysians from spending online and compared with the first MCO, consumer tech goods sales increased 4.5 times.

According to Shopee Malaysia's data, Malaysians were actively purchasing tech goods and home improvement tools for MCO 2.0. During the first 5 days (11-15 January 2021), a total of 550,000 laptops, smartphones, tablets, network components, keyboards, printers and audio systems got sold altogether. Moreover, YES Kasi Up SIM cards were also purchased with up to 20,000 units sold as an affordable internet connection solution.

[ENG - Infographics] Shopee - Online shopping activities surge, but no panic buying this MCO 2.0.jpg

On top of that, other necessary items for staying at homes such as face masks, dry, processed, fresh and frozen foods, as well as health and cleaning products got a growing demand. Home decor products recorded up to over 900,000 items sold, whereas over 500,000 food goods were purchased for home-cooked meals. Similarly, the demand for pet food and treats tripled with over 330,000 units sold.

It seems that Malaysians were much more prepared for MCO 2.0 this time around thanks to our past year experience. Some of the TechNave staff here (me) also upgraded their workstation at home to work more efficiently. What do you get for yourself? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more local trending tech news at