Malaysians can now use Boost to send e-Duit Raya this Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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Hari Raya will commence tomorrow but under this MCO 3.0, visitation is not allowed at all. Despite this, Malays across the nation can still send e-Duit Raya through Boost's Raya campaign ‘Raya dengan Tenang, Di Rumah kan Senang’ with exciting rewards. Here's what you need to know.

Starting from 10 May, Boost users will be able to send and receive e-duit Raya from family and friends from the app's homepage. Users can choose from six colourful ‘sampul Raya’ designs and include a personalised Raya wish for the recipient. Moreover, they can also opt to send a fixed amount of e-duit Raya to one recipient or any amount for up to 10 recipients at once.

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You can also use the randomiser feature which will take the total amount you wish to send to multiple recipients, and randomly select the amount each recipient receives. Also, only Premium Wallet users will be able to send money while Basic Wallet users can only receive e-Duit Raya.

We also mentioned some rewards earlier, so in conjunction with the Raya celebrations - Boost is having its ‘Online Boost Day – Duit Raya Kaw Kaw!’ from 8 – 14 May 2021. For a minimum spend of RM88 with participating online partners, users will receive RM8 in cashback with only 3,000 cashbacks given a day. As a bonus, Boost will reward all first-time users with a new welcome pack. When a new user tops up at least RM20 through online banking, Boost will reward users with RM20 to spend.

Boost is also extending an option to either keep or donate the e-Duit Raya received to the underprivileged. Users can choose from an extensive list of NGOs, charitable organisations and religious institutions around Malaysia to give back as well as provide a helping hand to those in need. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned for more trending tech news at