Malaysians can now use TNG eWallet for subscription


Curlec by Razorpay is a Malaysian payment gateway that has partnered with TNG eWallet to provide financial services to Small-Medium Merchants (SMEs) and unbanked individuals in rural areas.

For your information, this integration enables over two million merchants and over 21 million verified users to facilitate recurring payments, especially benefiting underserved communities. Through a Curlec subscription, users can set up recurring payment schedules, control billing cycles and receive instant subscription alerts without the need for a debit or credit card.

Additionally, this feature offers a new recurring payment method using TNG eWallet along with Visa, Mastercard and direct debit options. This development helps businesses such as tuition centres and community gyms in collecting fixed fees, thereby increasing their financial stability. The partnership aims to expand TNG eWallet's reach to more merchants, improving operational efficiency and financial management for small businesses.

The Chief Executive Officer of TNG Digital, Alan Ni emphasized the alignment with TNG Digital's mission to democratize financial access in Malaysia to foster financial inclusion and empower more than 21 million eWallet users with smooth transactions, especially in areas with limited card usage.

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