Malaysians can use DuitNow QR payment in Japan starting next year

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Malaysians can soon use PayNet’s DuitNow QR to pay for items in Southeast Asian countries and Japan after Japan revealed that they’re making their QR code payment systems compatible with Southeast Asian countries. Expected to be implemented by fiscal 2025, read on to find out more. 

As reported by Nikkei Asia, the initiative will start in April 2025, allowing cashless payments in different countries without having to change money. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry asserted that they have held discussions with Southeast Asian governments and central banks, including with Indonesia and Cambodia to make this a reality. 

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Japan, which is notorious for being one of the only developed countries to still use cash for transactions have begun standardising QR code payment system in the country. This new payment payment is called JPQR, which allows payments to be made through different service providers with a single JPQR-based, code, similar to DuitNow QR in Malaysia. 

Currently, Malaysians can already use DuitNow QR in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia thanks to the collaboration between our governments and central banks. Well, let’s hope that the plan for the integrated system will be shared with Japan and other Southeast Asian countries too this 2025 to make travelling just all the more convenient. 

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