Marvel is giving out free access to some of its comics to encourage you to stay home

Marvel cover EDITED.jpg

Staying home during the movement control order (MCO) doesn’t sound bad at all with some of the perks offered by different companies during this period. Earlier, we’ve seen the news of Astro providing free channels for every Malaysian, Candy Crush giving out unlimited lives, and the list goes on. Now, Marvel is joining the force (it’s not saving the world) by giving out free access to some of the comics available from its Marvel Unlimited subscription service.

From now until 4th May 2020, you can just chill and lay back on your couch to read those comics that feature your favourite Marvel characters. The comics come with titles including Avengers. Vs. X-Men, Black Panther, Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate, Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin and more are now free for your reading pleasure.

Marvel comics 1.jpg

You can access the free titles via Marvel Unlimited’s Android and iOS apps, or from its official website. Normally, these content can only be accessed if you’re a Marvel Unlimited’s subscriber that will cost you 9.99 USD (~RM43) for a month. To encourage everyone to stay home, Marvel is making an exception this time for you to catch up with some of Marvel's classics.

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