Maxis Business Fibre now offers 64MBbps and 100Mbps plans


MaxisBizFib.pngIf you are looking for an alternative business fibre plan, check out Maxis. They just updated their plans to offer users 64Mbps and 100Mbps plans. It comes with both Dynamic IP and Fixed IP, for a 24 month contract and limited to Maxis Business Fibre coverage area.

It is a business focused plan so you will get features such as symmetrical uploads and downloads, business size scaling, on-call technicians, and a Wireless Broadband (WBB) connection that serves as a backup for Dynamic IP customers.

While we would love to get more internet speed from ISPs, Maxis is taking good first stetps to serve business with higher bandwidth so they can be more productive and not experience the dreaded ‘buffering’ or ‘ loading’ prompts from their services and servers.