Maxis TV launched with flexible OTT bundle passes from as low as RM3 per day

Maxis TV launch (ENG)_CMYK-crop.jpg

Just yesterday, Maxis launched an all-new Maxis TV for Malaysians and it's the company's first-of-its-kind video entertainment service. Maxis TV is also available for non-Maxis customers where they can purchase premium video contents, TV pass and a free one-month trial for new subscribers.  

That separates Maxis TV from other TV boxes is that it has a flexible OTT bundle passes. Currently, there are 5 streaming services available for Maxis TV which are WeTV/iflix, Viu, MUBI, iQiYi and Dimsum entertainment. You can personalise them with the option to stream content from two or more OTT providers so if you all the channels, it's priced at RM42 + unlimited data. 

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Maxis TV also offers daily, weekly and monthly passes starting from RM3, bundled with free data. Single Pass is also seen on the website, it's a one-time daily OTT Pass at RM2 per provider but it's not available yet. Users can access Maxis TV and browse their options through the Maxis, Hotlink and Hotlink Postpaid apps. 

To learn more or browsing through your preferred VOD passes, you can visit the official webpage right over here. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at