Maxis do listen and will be bringing upgrades for SurfMore50 plan monthly quota from 2GB to 3GB


Maxis is slowly taking more actions now ever since their CEO apologized and promised to bring better upgrades. By now, if you are a Maxis SurfMore50 subscriber, you most probably have received the text telling you that Maxis is planning to increase the monthly data of SurfMore 50 from 2GB to 3GB. If you have not yet received one, you will probably receive one soon before the end of April because that is when this upgrade will begin to take place.


At the moment, there are no updates in the SurfMore50 plan at the Maxis website to reflect these new changes. No announcement if this will apply to new SurfMore50 subscriber too and also, there is no telling if they are planning to increase the monthly data for theirSurfMore30 plan as well. So, if you are a confused Maxis user that wants a better understanding of your situation, it is best if you head straight to their support at Twitter. For more information in regards to the Maxis SurfMore 50 plan you can go and check out their official website.