Maxis invites Digi and Celcom for a 4G LTE discussion



Maxis has made a surprise move by inviting both Digi and Celcom to have a discussion on setting the industry standards for 4G LTE. 23 November 2015 will be the date and Maxis hopes that the three telco giants can have a meaningful meeting to allow them to determine how to measure coverage in various territories. Maxis also claims they only want to provide what’s best for their customers and “have a fair basis for choosing”.

Digi and Celcom have yet to give a reply to Maxis, but Maxis plans to present their company data on how they define their 4G LTE network and public access to test their network. This is to show the public some black and white evidence, putting to rest this issue of who’s the best 4G LTE provider. They also hope Digi and Celcom will to do the same. Strangely enough U Mobile were not invited, but this could be because it is privately listed. 

I think it’s safe to say that the public do want better and consistent cellular data on their smart devices at all times; and hope that the three big companies will agree to work together to provide the best, widest and fastest 4G LTE coverage network as possible (ironically, all three companies are claiming the same thing lol). It’d be nice if every telco got invited too, as the more the merrier could mean faster data for the public at even less costs.