Maxis just did a new 5G record close to 3Gbps in single-user peak speeds


With 5G technology heading our way this year, Maxis has just announced that they have made a new record of achieving 2.96Gbps for single-user peak speeds. This was recorded at two of their trial sites in Subang Jaya recently, where they have been testing 200MHz of the 3.5GHz C-band spectrum.

According to the local telco, they have been testing 5G New Radio (NR) Carrier Aggregation (CA) and 5G MU-MIMO (multi-user MIMO). This is to showcase the single-user peak speeds and single-cell peak speeds due to multiple concurrent user usage respectively. Before the new record, Maxis was only provided 100Mhz per C-band spectrum which allowed them to reach 1.1 to- 1.76Gbps download speeds. The testing was part of the 5G Malaysia Demonstration Projects announced earlier in 2019 with MCMC to facilitate, develop and foster 5G use cases in a live but controlled environment.

With this, 5G connectivity can potentially revolutionize a new era of mobile communications. Besides downloading media files and streaming 4K video contents faster, 5G will also support massive connections of devices for a smart home environment as well as businesses in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and many more.

Maxis will continue to further the 5G development together with Celcom and Huawei in concerning 5G key strategic areas, as well as for the efficient deployment of Malaysia’s 5G infrastructure. Until then, stay tuned for more 5G news at