Menara TM is on sale and Telekom Malaysia is relocating the offices


By now, there is news circulating about Menara TM, the headquarters for Telekom Malaysia Bhd is now on sale. As bizarre as it sounds, it's not about TM wanting to sell off the building but rather moving out. TM has sent an official clarification and this is what it says.

According to TM, the company is actually a tenant of Menara TM instead of being the owner. With that, TM doesn't own the said building and is not involved with its intended sale by the property's owner, Menara ABS Bhd. The statement didn't mention where the company was relocating nor how much is the starting price for Menara TM. 

TM is currently in the process of relocating the majority of its corporate offices into its TM-owned properties, including TM Annexe 1 and TM Annexe 2 as well as its properties in Cyberjaya, as part of the Company’s optimisation programme to enable greater efficiency and agility, and to accommodate hybrid working conditions.

Oh well, it sounds like the pandemic may have something to do with it since it has proven that work can still be done at home. Do stay safe out there and stay tuned for more trending tech news at