Meta introduces Community Chats, a new Discord-like feature on Facebook and Messenger

feat image community chats.jpg

Facebook and Messenger recently announced the introduction of Community Chats, a feature that allows group organisers to create curated live Messenger chat groups similar to Discord. Through the feature, users can browse chats organised by announcements, topics, events and more instead of just relying on feed posts and comments. 

The official Messenger website announced the feature yesterday, which was also previewed earlier by Mark Zuckerberg on his official Facebook page. Besides chatting, Community Chats also allow for audio channels for up to 30 group members as well as utilise their cameras for broadcasting. 


Moreover, group admins will have several new tools to keep the community well-maintained, including auto-moderation which kicks members out of a group should they post group-violating content, manual block, manual mute and membe suspension. Meta is set to test the new feature on Messenger and Facebook groups in “the coming weeks”, though the specific date, time and region for testing are yet to be revealed. 

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