Microsoft Edge browser will soon have built-in VPN


If you're getting blocked off from some content, the typical way to gain access is to use a VPN. Unfortunately, a good VPN service requires a fee, while a free VPN would have various limitations. But maybe Microsoft Edge could change that with its new VPN service?

According to a Microsoft support page, Microsoft is developing a free built-in VPN service powered by Cloudflare for Microsoft Edge. The Edge Secure Network feature would be made available on a preview basis, so you'll need beta access to test it for yourself. When enabled, the feature will encrypt all web traffic from your Microsoft Edge browser. Like any VPN service, it will also use a virtual IP address to hide your current one. This lets you browse blocked content from platforms like Netflix.



Of course, the Edge Secure Network has the typical limitation to all free services. It has a bandwidth limit of only 1GB, so you probably can't do much with it. You also have to be signed in to a Microsoft account on the browser if you want to track the bandwidth usage. Microsoft didn't confirm if you can pay for more bandwidth, but it's probably something that's in consideration.

Have you managed to test this preview feature on your Microsoft Edge browser? If you have, please share your experience when using it in the comments. And do stay tuned to TechNave for more news like this.