Microsoft Surface Duo 3 expected to have a foldable display


After being wrong twice with their dual-screen Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 devices, it looks like Microsoft could be going for a foldable display with their Surface Duo 3. Coming in from reliable “sources”, the new Surface Duo 3 is expected to look like last year’s vivo X Fold.

Other tech specs mentioned by this “source” indicates that the Surface Duo 3 will have a foldable display inner screen and flat outer screen, much like other Fold phones like the vivo X Fold. It could also feature wireless charging, but at this point we do caution that you should take everything with a healthy pinch of salt.

We expect that the Surface Duo 3 will also use an Android fork for its operating system but perhaps offer better Microsoft Windows link or Office integration than normal Android foldable display devices. We’re also hopeful that there will be more compatible apps this time around, but what do you think? What would make you want to get the Surface Duo 3 if it does come out? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to


If the Microsoft Surface Duo 3 looked like the vivo X Fold, would you buy it?