Microsoft built an app called PC Manager, which works like CCleaner

Microsoft PC Manager cover.jpg

Microsoft is building its version of CCleaner for the Windows operating system (OS). According to the source, an app called PC Manager is in the works, and it'll be compatible with Windows 10 and above computers. It'll bring features such as storage management and the ability to end tasks quickly, plus controlling which apps get started up with Windows.

Although most of these features are already available on the OS, it's still good to see them all in one place. Not only that, but the app also includes a setting to change the default browser. It's a bonus for Windows 11 users, considering how difficult it is to change it now.

Microsoft PC Manager 1.jpg

Meanwhile, the storage management feature allows users to manage apps or remove those that are rarely used. There's also a full cleanup scan available or a scan to find large files on the drives. The process management feature in the app is a simplified version of the Task Manager, so users can quickly kill processes that might be eating up RAM. Furthermore, it comes with a "boost" button as well. Clicking on it will clear temporary files and free up memory.

The public beta of PC Manager has appeared on an official Microsoft website, though it's in Chinese. The source has contacted Microsoft to find out more regarding the future plan. Stay tuned to, and we'll update you about it too.