Microsoft buys Nokia, gets everything including Asha, Lumia and patents

Microsoft buys Nokia.jpg

We said it would happen and it has as Microsoft recently acquired Nokia for $7.17 billion (RM23.6 billion). The deal covers Nokia's Devices and Services along with the right to license Nokia's various phone patents. According to Microsoft, they will get the cash from overseas resources and close the deal by Q1 of 2014. Nokia are getting something out of it as well as Stephan Elop, Nokia CEO will get to lead the Microsoft Devices team where the rest of Nokia's employees will join him. The current head, Julie Larson-Green will focus instead on the Xbox and Surface devices. While this could result in a Microsoft Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, Microsoft have said that they will be keeping things short, so you can probably expect Microsoft Lumias and Ashas to hit the shelves soon. With Steve Balmer's impending retirement on the horizon, Stephan Elop looks like the most promising candidate for next head of Microsoft but it also means that he needs to step up Microsoft's new phone business, which looks more and more difficult with Nokia's resulting drop in share price. So far no news on when we'll all be using Microsoft Asha or Lumia phones but expect things to start shaking up here in Malaysia as these two gigantic companies shift gears. Microsoft will still support other Windows Phone partners like HTC and Samsung.