Microsoft could feature ads in Windows 11

Microsoft Ads.png

If your main OS for work is Microsoft, you might want to pay attention to this news. Recently, Microsoft says it could feature ads in the Windows 11 soon. That said, what could you know about it?

For your information, the company says it could test running ads inside the Start menu on Windows 11. As a result, the “Recommended” section will display suggestions for apps from the Microsoft Store instead of file recommendations. According to Microsoft in a blog post:

“This will appear only for Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel in the US and will not apply to commercial devices (devices managed by organizations),”

Thankfully, you can disable this feature via the Settings section of Windows 11. It seems this feature will be switched on by default. However, this is nothing new as Microsoft already did the same for File Explorer in the Windows 11 last year. But, Microsoft has already disabled it.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how Malaysians will react to this change. Hopefully, it won’t affect our working experience as much.


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