Microsoft will reportedly release Windows 12 in 2024, following a different update schedule

Windows 12 cover.jpg

Microsoft might have a different direction for rolling out the operating system updates in the future. According to the latest report, the next major Windows version, supposedly Windows 12, could arrive as early as 2024. It signifies that the company might shift to a three-year release cycle for Windows again.

Since Windows 10, the tech giant has moved away from the big release of features every three years in a new Windows release. Instead, Windows 10 was updated twice a year with new features. During that time, many also thought that Windows 10 would be the last version of the operating system, until the announcement of Windows 11.

However, Microsoft would not ditch Windows 11 with the possible release of new Windows in 2024. It's said that the company will now focus on releasing the updates throughout the year rather than shipping them in a major update. Microsoft has reportedly scrapped plans for a big 23H2 annual update in 2023 and will now prioritize rolling out new features throughout 2023 instead. We still have a major update, 22H2, expected to arrive in September or October, as it has gotten finalized recently.

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