Millions of Malaysians were still checking in via MySejahtera app on 1 May 2022


Since 1 May 2022, checking in into a premise via MySejahtera was no longer mandatory but apparently, many people didn't get the memo. According to the Health Ministry's Github portal, at least a total of 4.5 million Malaysians were still checking in on Labour Day. 

To be exact, there were 4,562,842 check-ins on 1 May. Compared to 30 April with 17,410,393 total check-ins, it was a 73.8% drop. In terms of unique accounts, it also dropped by 60.8% from 7,281,285 unique users logged to 2,857,054 between the two dates. Finally, the unique premises checked-in was 503,643 and dropped to 277,147. 

There are also other fun facts from the datasheet, this includes:

  • Selangor had the highest amount of MySejahtera app at 3,952,970 check-ins on 30 April, then dropped to 950,038 after a day
  • Kuala Lumpur dropped 78.4% from 2,816,509 to 608,186 checked-ins
  • Johor Bahru went from 1,960,109 to 559,923 checked-ins before the mandate
  • Perak also experienced a huge drop from 1,154,978 to 344,308, as well as Penang from 1,083,431 to 315,504
  • For Sabah and Sarawak, the drop percentage was 66.9% and 74.5% respectively (426,182 and 374,552 on 1 May)
  • Putrajaya and Labuan had the biggest drop, accounting for 88.4% and 80.9% respectively (13,480 and 9,852 on 1 May) 


While it's no longer necessary to check in with the MySejahtera app, a few places around Malaysia would still check the vaccination status of each individual before entering the premise. Moreover, Malaysians are told to keep the app just in case of COVID infection and to keep the Health Ministry updated via online reporting. 

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