More ASUS accessories like MicroUSB Charging Stand are coming to Malaysia's ASUS Store

ASUS MicroUSB Charging Stand.jpg

The online ASUS Store portal offers Malaysians an easy yet official way to purchase ASUS products on the Internet. However, previously it only had devices like the ASUS ZenFone range of smartphones and more recently ASUS tablets like the Fonepad. Now, it looks like we may soon see ASUS accessories as well, with some original devices that you don't often see like the ASUS MicroUSB Charging Stand for just RM85. This accessory caught our eye because it offered a portable way to both charge your device but also prop it up as a stand. The charging stand also offers an OTG USB2.0 port so you can plug in a USB flash drive or external hard disk drive, USB keyboard or USB mouse while charging your device. The stand is compatible with most ASUS tablets but in the video below it also looks like it can support smartphones as well. Check it out for yourself below as we wait for more cool and original accessories from ASUS Malaysia.

  • Compatible with ASUS Tablets
  • 48 x 87 x 16mm | 53g
  • features 1x microUSB connector, 1x USB2.0 connector
  • supports Android 4.3 and above

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